Is VR in BIM Becoming One of the New Construction Trends?

Is VR in BIM Becoming One of the New Construction Trends?

When you hear about Virtual Reality (VR), the entertainment industry is what usually you’d think of instantly due to its rapid popularity and innovative features. However, VR has become more than just for amusement purposes and has marked its way to an essential architectural trend today.

Virtual Reality has gained popularity not only in new generation computer games but also in the architecture, construction, and engineering industries.

Today, VR becomes a valuable part of the item for BIM creators and companies for their 3D BIM models and project designs. The addition of this improved technology will no doubt become an essential 2021 trend allowing clients the opportunity to experience the project while still in the design phase.

What is VR?

The term refers to the computer technology that uses a simulated environment where users can immerse and interact within the 3-dimensional environment. Virtual Reality can simulate as many senses as possible like hearing, touch, and vision.

VR is widely used in every life and different industries: health, education, fashion, military, sports, medicine, mental health, business, and more.

With the use of artificial environments and sensors, users are presented with convincing and interactive surroundings.

VR models were used by BIM creators years ago for the mechanics and operators to assess the feasibility of building and construction plans. The technology was also used by different companies in the construction sector for the general public to have access to construction sites and projects.

Due to the overwhelming response, construction companies decide to make VR technology part of their product offerings.

Introducing VR into 3D BIM models allows the quick and appropriate action to correct mistakes of any construction project before it is realised. It also gives key players in construction, engineering, and architectural sectors a better visual understanding of the project, identify, analyse the issues, and discuss alternative solutions. VR application for BIM models also helps clients to reduce material cost as well as the needed workforce for the project.

With VR, it can also create as built 3D BIM model that will be a rich, accurate, and immersive resource of information for future use.

As built 2D AutoCAD drawings or as built 2D plans can also be transformed into interactive and immersive digital models which will improve all aspects of your projects or design.

With a new platform available, builders and designers can now turn their 2D CAD designs into a data-rich and interactive environment, create compelling designs, or come up with an informed design or project decisions.

Benefits of VR in BIM

  • Design visualisation
  • Better coordination
  • Lower budgeting cost
  • Precise decisions
  • Interactive immersion

The future of VR in BIM

VR is more than just cool technology but an impressive tool to showcase, evaluate, correct, and improve designs.

Over the years, more designers have helped their clients step inside their design, participate in the design process, create or correct designs based on highly accurate data.

With the obvious benefits, is becoming a 2021 trend and VR in BIM can become a necessary investment to keep up with the demands, streamline the process, speed up projects, reduce cost, and ensuring both parties are satisfied with the project.

VR in BIM will be a necessity in the design, construction, and engineering industries to remain competitive.

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