3D Laser Scanning & Measured Building Survey Prices

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3D Laser Scanning & Measured Building Survey Prices

Explore our Measured Survey packages and find the ideal service to complete your job and building project. We determine our prices by factors including the type and level of detail, the scale and size and the schedule.

Obtain reliable 3D Point Cloud data through our measured building survey service. Depending on the survey you need, whether it’d be a measured survey, topographical survey or drone survey, we process the registered scan and convert into a single point cloud file using FARO Scene software. Choose from greyscale and colour and receive the perfect base product.

Our 3D Laser Scanning company delivers accurate scan to CAD using AutoCAD software through our measured survey service and 3D point cloud. Simply request the level of detail required and received a selection of floor plans, roof plans, attic plans, internal and external elevations and cross-sections.

Cambridge Measured Survey produces detailed and photorealistic 3D BIM Models using Revit Software. This package and service are ideal for collaboration with professionals allowing better management of the building, as well as optimising and analysing the performance of the project.

What makes Cambridge Measured Survey stand out?

  • We supply accurate and excellent results within any service required, using trusted 3D Laser Scanning technology, equipment and software.
  • We are a team of professionals with over 5 years of experience in all areas of measured survey and 3D Laser scanning.
  • We guarantee high-quality results with the most competitive price in Cambridge. You will never be left unsatisfied through our services.
3D Laser Scanning to fit your needs

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