Underground Surveys

Cambridge’s Underground Surveys

Underground survey is the process of mapping any assets underground, locating the exact position and depth of underground utilities, structures or any other potential hazards that may obstruct a planned construction project on a piece of land. Our surveyors and technicians are fully equipped with the experience and expertise to deliver accurate underground surveying services using the latest equipment, providing a comprehensive report as required.

Benefits of our Cambridge’s Underground Survey:

High Standard Equipment

Our technical team uses high standard equipment, to acquire and analyse underground data to help plan and execute a construction project.

Minimised Risks

An elaborate utility mapping of a construction site yields confidence to progress with a construction project.

Complete Accuracy

Receive a full digital imagery and detailed, accurate report from our real-time examination of the CCTV camera images using an onsite specialist software.

Reliable Results

Our underground services guarantee a detailed technical report, 2D CAD drawings and 3D models to help kickstart your construction project without delay.

Capturing detailed underground data

Underground surveys are an important aspect of any ground investigation as they help determine all hurdles and safe areas before launching invasive works onsite. Cambridge Measured Survey team leverages on specialised tools such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML) to capture and analyse underground data to plan and execute construction projects. Benefit from a range of underground services from concrete and rebar scanning, drain surveys and CCTV surveys using robotic cameras, to full digital imagery. Our measured surveyors provide reliable underground survey services alongside GPR services and CCTV drain survey services.

What can an Underground Survey detect?

Our utility surveys track down all the main underground services such as sewers, electricity, gas and water mains, fibre optics, lighting cables, communication networks, traffic signalling cables and more. Also, underground surveys produce a comprehensive information of the underground conditions before any site excavations, drilling, piling or borehole clearance. Determining underground utilities early enough enables smooth running of the project throughout the design and build stages. Our specialist teams working across Cambridge will deliver your projects in all construction fields.


Receive your underground survey services from our professional surveyors in accordance with the BSI standards. Contact us today and get a quote!