Why you need a Topographical Survey for your building site

Exploring a Topographical Survey Service

A Topographic survey may also be referred to as a topo survey, and quite often, a land survey. A topographical survey is an accurate representation of the area of interest showing all natural and manmade features with levels. The survey shows three-dimensional points of all features, including the property, land features and physical boundary details, presented on a scaled survey drawing. For topographical surveys (topo surveys), we can use advanced equipment such as Total Station, GPS or 3D laser scanners. The choice between instruments is determined by a level of visibility of the terrain features as well as the required coordinate system.

When to request a Topo Survey

You need a topo survey to provide the architect or engineer overseeing the project extremely valuable data that they can use to inform many of the decisions they will be making regarding a construction project. They will undoubtedly have a clearer picture illustrating what they are dealing with, and they will be able to alter the project accordingly. The following instances will require accurate and reliable topo surveys:

  • Construction projects
  • Architectural projects
  • Utility design
  • Grading or drainage projects
  • When land is being repurposed
  • Environmental restoration
  • Remodelling of existing structures
  • Road or bridge construction or improvement
  • To satisfy regulations regarding construction codes

What will a Topo Survey show?

Our detailed topographical surveys can clearly show all features, including property, land features and physical boundary details within an area of interest. The following features, and more, can be shown by our topographical surveys:

  • Area boundary lines
  • Water levels
  • Building and structures
  • Trees, bushes and vegetation positions
  • Water channels
  • Ground heights, contours and surfaces.

Why a Topographical Survey is Beneficial to your site project

  • The survey helps you optimise the positions for what you are designing, such as new structures and buildings.
  • Our accurate topographical surveys will provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive picture of your building or plot of land. This minimises the risk of costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen issues. Rely on our latest laser scanning technology, using some of the most efficient tools to capture accurate and reliable data and measurements.
  • A comprehensive topographical survey will help you understand the land’s topography. This will inform your design process; hence you can avoid impacts of the land on your project going forward.
  • Topographical surveys provide you with final as-built 2D drawings to help verify that the site was built in substantial conformance with the proposed plans.

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Cambridge Measured Survey is here to provide accurate solutions for all your topographical survey needs across Cambridge. Rely on our trusted and experienced professionals using the latest laser scanning technology and high-standard tools for swift, efficient and cost-effective survey services according to your specifications and requirements.

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