All you need to know about CCTV drainage surveys

All you need to know about CCTV drainage surveys

A CCTV drainage survey is used to carry out a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the drainage system and pipe-work of the property. This is done through advanced CCTV technology and cameras specifically designed for this. Our team of professional CCTV drainage surveyors use advanced CCTV drainage equipment for extensive inspections that helps identify any inconsistency, if exists, and determine the accurate condition of the building and its drainage system.

When Do You Require a CCTV Drainage Survey?

A detailed drainage survey can provide landowners with many advantages. There are many motivations behind why you could require one. Probably the most widely recognised needs behind having a drainage survey include:

  • Moving into Another Home
    If you are moving into another home, it is a brilliant plan to have a drainage survey to guarantee that you know the condition of the wasted structures and any issues that could occur. It will likewise assist you in recognising any potential problems, for example, slow stream rates or poisons.
  • Safeguard Measures
    A CCTV drain survey is something you should not consider only at the time of mortgage. Instead, if your property has not got any evaluation before, it is always suggested to have a drainage survey as a safety measure to avoid any potential problems in your building. By identifying the problems on time through CCTV drain survey service, you can avoid potentially huge costs associated with drainage repairing and fixing.
  • Development
    Before starting development, many property manufacturers will require a full drainage survey to guarantee that they know the best technique for interfacing new depletes to the current sewage framework.
  • Fixing Issues
    If you feel that the existing drainage structure is not working properly but you cannot identify the exact issue, let a professional drainage surveyor help you quickly and accurately determine the problem, fix it and restore the property with perfectly-working drainage. It will prevent unnecessary accidents and disturbances such as collapsed drains causing flooding.

Drainage survey can identify and measure:

  • pipe lengths
  • flow directions+flow rates along pipes
  • pipe locations
  • map of drainage system
  • location of pipe defects

Moveover, CCTV drain surveys also include:

What Occurs in A Drainage Survey?

Although a drainage survey could seem like a tedious and troublesome activity, today’s innovations assure that your surveyor will rapidly finish this careful assessment.

Examine Your Issues

The primary thing your surveyor will do is stop for a moment to talk with you to comprehend the issues you are confronting. This will tell them what to search for and assure they are using the best devices for the main job.

Inspect The Drainages

Utilising this camera, the specialist will cautiously analyse your whole drainage framework, and gradually find the areas of concern. As per the condition of the lines, the camera could require some cautious movement, so this cycle could take a short time.

Make an Itemised Report

When your specialist has inspected the whole waste framework, they will then get together the data and make a report. This top to bottom drainage survey will educate you regarding the present status of your drainages, any issues you may be confronting, and any potential areas that could create some problems whenever left uncontrolled.

Utilising this data, they will want to ensure that they can make a tailor-made solution for you to fix your drainages and get them working effectively.

CCTV surveys used beneficial for:

  • collecting data from drainages safely and quickly
  • managing costs and avoiding highly-damaging drain and pipe failures.
  • investigating drain, blockages, poor flow and pollution problems
  • construction projects,as according to drawings architects and designers can create project plan as accurate as possible
  • supporting planned works to carry out pipe repairs and replacements.

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