What You Need to Know About As-Built 2D Drawings and 3D Laser Scanning in Cambridge

What You Need to Know About As-Built 2D Drawings and 3D Laser Scanning

In construction these days, it’s not uncommon to hear the terms 3D laser scanning and as built 2D plans because they are redefining the industry in more ways than one.

Far from the traditional survey methods that involved a lot of on-site visits, total stations and risks, these new techniques offer speed, accuracy and of course, cost-efficiency.

So if you still haven’t tried Cambridge measured survey, here’s everything you need to know about as built 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D laser scanning service in Cambridge:

Understanding as built 2D drawings

In its essence, an as built 2D drawing is a revised drawing created to be submitted once a construction project is finished, in progress or beginning.

These as built 2D plans play crucial roles in post construction maintenance and future expansions or renovations because they show every single detail of the building—from its exterior down to its wiring.

This is why most clients would require these drawings even if it’s not mandatory because aside from giving them a clear perspective of their building, they can also use the data to manage and expand their structure in the future.

How is an as built drawing created?

There was a time when creating as built drawings meant spending a lot of time measuring and recording every detail of a finished building manually.

But with today’s technology, a 3D laser scanning Cambridge company can easily scan an entire structure noting even the most minute details and move the information into a 3D point cloud within a matter of minutes.

An accurate 2D drawing created from the data provided by a 3D laser scan should include details like precise labelling and descriptions, scale changes, notes on all changes made during the construction phase including fabrication, location and installation, all related drawings, issues that were encountered during construction and how they were addressed, and all the changes made after the building’s final evaluation.

A measured building survey company usually has excellent knowledge in creating the best as built 2D AutoCAD drawings where proper dates, colour codes, and other references are used for easy evaluation.

Understanding 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning Cambridge practices include the use of scanners to digitally capture the shape and dimensions of a building. This data is then interpreted through a point cloud survey, which offers a detailed measurement of a structure that’s used to create as built 2D drawings or even 3D BIM models.

What is the 3D laser scanning process?

A measured building survey service includes the following processes:

  • Data acquisition. This is when the object is laser scanned using specialized software that continuously records different measurements, dimensions and movements as laser lines sweep through the building.
  • Data. After the measured building survey, the 3D laser scan is displayed in a point cloud that represents the millions of points that are captured within the building.
  • Modeling choice. Once data is complete, Cambridge 3D laser scanning services then present it to the client where it can be merged into a single as built 3D BIM model or a 2D drawing and processed under different programs to suit the needs of the client.
  • Evaluation. These as built 2D AutoCAD drawings are then used for evaluating the structural integrity of the building and data is stored for future use in maintenance, renovations and expansion projects.

The benefits of as built 2D drawings and 3D laser scanning

Both the process of 3D laser scanning and creating as built 2D plans have a huge impact to construction where they offer benefits like creating a clear perspective of a building’s actual design as opposed to just looking at pre-construction drafts. They also help capture any issues and deviations so proper evaluations can be made to make sure that the building meets proper standards and compliance.

Of course, these processes allow for easier maintenance and improvements in the future, allowing building owners to save time, money and effort in coming up with accurate representations of the existing building design.

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