As-built 2D Drawings

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Find the most accurate and precise as-built 2D AutoCAD floor plans, roof plans, internal and external elevations and cross-section in Cambridge by using our scan to CAD services.

Why Scan to CAD?

Precise Measurements

Our surveyors ensure complete precision and accuracy when your as-built 2D Drawings are being produced and finalised.

Reliable Product

Blueprints are now from the past as we bring a reliable deliverable which is faultless and will guarantee satisfactory results to your building project.

Time Efficient

We deliver a quick turnaround for your as-built 2D AutoCAD plans. Find a cost and time effective solution simply by enquiring floor plans, roof plans, elevations and cross-sections.

Format Selection

Request the desired format and level detail required when contacting Cambridge Measured Survey. We provide the best solution for your project.

Cambridge Measured Survey Scan to CAD

Our friendly team ensures you receive remarkable results within your specified building or site project in Cambridge. Obtain your .DWG or .PDF scan to CAD quickly and with full confidence as we use Autodesk AutoCAD software to produce accurate results.

Enquire high-quality 3D Laser scanning services today!

Cambridge Measured Survey provides prime measured survey and 3D Laser scanning services for all architects, interior designers, project and property manager. Complete a measured building survey to generate scan to CAD and 3D BIM Models using AutoCAD or Revit software.


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Full guarantee to receive accurate and detailed results, our precise measurements will ensure a high-quality scan to CAD for your existing building project. All that is needed is to contact us!