Reliable 3D Point Cloud Data Service

3D Point Cloud

Obtain your Measured survey scan to 3D point cloud in greyscale or colour, with your required level of detail and format. Receive realistic data to produce your 2D floor plans, elevations and cross-sections.

Why 3D Point Cloud?

Reliable Results

Receive authentic and detailed point cloud data information to produce scan to CAD and 3D Models efficiently, with minimal error.

Latest Equipment

Our surveyors use the latest, high-quality 3D laser scanning equipment and technology to provide the best results for your architectural and construction project.

Cost-effective Solution

Save time and money with 3D Point Cloud data for accurate and precise measurements when completing a measured building site.

Exceptional Information

3D Point Cloud data is the perfect base to produce detailed scan to CAD, as well as 3D BIM Models using Autodesk Software: AutoCAD and Revit.

Registered Point Cloud Data in Cambridge

Find 3D Laser scanning’s most essential service to support and complete your building and construction project successfully. Our 3D Point Cloud service is the ideal base for the production of your 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D Revit BIM Models, guaranteeing accurate and precise results every time.

What is our process?

3D Point Cloud is built with millions of measured point containing information about its position in space and level of reflectivity. Receive as a single point cloud file to produce your as-built plans and 3D BIM Models or gain access through our Webshare Cloud service.


Receive 3D Point Cloud

We’ve made it easy for you to book your measured building survey and point cloud service now. Simply contact Cambridge Measured Survey or complete our online booking form to get your project going!