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Precision in Every Pixel: Point Cloud Survey Services at Cambridge Measured Survey

Welcome to Cambridge Measured Survey, the leading provider of premier point cloud survey services. Leveraging the latest 3D laser scanning technology, we deliver unparalleled precision and detail in every dataset. Our expert team is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries. Whether you’re looking to capture intricate architectural details or require comprehensive site analysis, our point cloud services ensure you receive the highest quality data for your projects. Trust us to enhance your project’s accuracy and efficiency, setting new standards in spatial measurement and analysis.

What is a Point Cloud Survey?

A point cloud is a set of data points in space produced by 3D laser scanning technology. Point clouds are used to create detailed 3D models of physical environments, capturing every detail with high accuracy. This technology is pivotal for structures where precision and detail are paramount.

Comprehensive visualisation of a building and its features derived from a precise point cloud survey

Detailed visualisation of a building’s surroundings and features presented in point cloud

3D Point Cloud Scanning: Applications

3D point cloud scanning is a pivotal technology in a multitude of sectors, including architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure and heritage preservation. This innovative application of 3D laser scanning technology is crucial for projects that demand not only detailed measurements but also a comprehensive conditions assessment before proceeding to the detailed design and construction phases. In architecture, it facilitates the creation of precise models for renovations or new builds, allowing architects to visualise and tweak designs with unprecedented accuracy. Engineering projects benefit from 3D point cloud scanning by ensuring that all infrastructural elements are accurately represented and fit within specified tolerances, thereby reducing errors and material waste. For construction, it allows for a seamless transition from design to reality, enhancing coordination among various teams and minimising discrepancies between plans and onsite conditions. Additionally, in the realm of heritage preservation, 3D point cloud scanning preserves and documents the current state of historical structures in immense detail, enabling accurate restorations and providing a digital archive for future generations. This versatility of 3D laser scanning technology makes it an indispensable tool in today’s design and construction industries, providing essential data that drives smarter, more efficient project management.

How Do Point Cloud Surveys Work?

Point cloud surveys utilise cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology to transform a high volume of data from point cloud to laser scan quickly and with high precision. These surveys create detailed and comprehensive digital twins of any physical space or object, facilitating a variety of analytical and design tasks. This process ensures that every detail is captured, providing a foundational dataset that supports the accuracy and success of your projects.

Utilising Point Cloud Surveys Across Project Stages

From initial design to the final stages of construction, point cloud surveys provide invaluable data that helps streamline decision-making processes, ensures accuracy, and can drastically reduce the need for costly site revisits.

Point сloud data from laser scanning survey with strategic insights

Grayscale point cloud representation of a church

Formats and Compatibility

We deliver point cloud data in several formats to ensure compatibility with all major software systems used in the industry:

  • FLS: Ideal for storing dense point clouds, exported from Faro Scene.
  • E57: A compact, vendor-neutral format perfect for various applications.
  • RCP: Frequently used in AutoCAD/Revit, it assists in the production of detailed 2D drawings and 3D models.
  • PTS, PTX: Exported mainly from Leica Cyclone, suitable for detailed analysis and model creation.

The Cutting-Edge Technology Behind Our Services

At Cambridge Measured Survey, our Point Cloud surveys are powered by advanced 3D laser scanners, instruments crucial for capturing highly accurate spatial data. These sophisticated devices work by emitting laser beams that bounce off surfaces and return to the scanner, measuring the distance between the scanner and the surface points. This process captures hundreds of thousands of points per second, resulting in a densely populated data set that forms a precise digital replica of the physical environment. The accuracy of these scanners can reach sub-millimetre levels, depending on the equipment and environmental conditions, ensuring that every detail is recorded with exceptional precision. This technology allows for a comprehensive visualisation of complex geometries and intricate details, making it invaluable for a wide range of applications, from architectural redesigns to historical preservation.

Manipulating Data from Laser Scanning

The data from our laser scanning processes can be manipulated to generate accurate models, conduct structural analysis, and create virtual reality environments, offering a wide range of possibilities for visualisation and analysis.

Grayscale point cloud representation of a church


Point Cloud Survey Cost?

Understanding the point cloud survey cost is essential for planning your project budget effectively. At Cambridge Measured Survey, we strive to provide transparent and competitive pricing for our point cloud survey services. The point cloud survey cost typically depends on various factors including the size and complexity of the site, the level of detail required, accessibility of the area, and the specific deliverables requested by the client. We work closely with our clients to determine their exact needs and offer customised solutions that ensure the best value. Our goal is to deliver precise and reliable data that supports your project’s success, without unnecessary expenses. For a detailed estimate tailored to your project’s specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a personalised quote.

Benefits of a Point Cloud Survey

  • Accuracy
    Achieve pinpoint precision in measurements that traditional methods cannot match.
  • Eliminates the Need for Site Revisits
    Capture everything in one go, significantly reducing the necessity for multiple site visits.
  • Better Decisions
    Enhanced data quality supports more informed decision-making throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Saves Time
    Speed up the overall survey process, enabling faster progression from planning to execution.


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As a leading measured survey company, we are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable surveying services. Our clients benefit from our:

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