CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV Drainage Survey

A CCTV drain survey is an extensive inspection process that remotely determines the condition of a drainage system with the help of a camera system. This survey technique not only records the video footage of the drainage system, it also captures other important data for use in maintenance, repairs, replacement or restoration activities. Cambridge Measured Survey specialists utilise a combination of CCTV drain equipment that conduct an in-depth CCTV drainage inspection, identifying any faults within the drainage system.

Benefits of our Cambridge’s CCTV drain survey:

Specialised Equipment

Our specialist surveying team uses an array of the latest CCTV drain survey equipment to perform a comprehensive CCTV drain inspection of the drainage system of your building.

Reliable Results

Receive your desired deliverables according to your requirements and specifications in great accuracy.

Secure Service

Our operatives use remote access technology to conduct CCTV drain surveys, ensuring safety as they gather data from spaces with potential hazards.

Quick Turnaround

Receive your deliverables in a swift fashion through our optimised processes as well as vast laser scanning technology.

How does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

Our surveying technicians will insert the CCTV camera into the drain or pipe-work to allow them see any cracks, blockages, collapsed pipes or more, in real-time. The team then use these images to check the conditions of your pipe-work from mobile units to remotely identify any potential issues such as collapsed sections, hairline cracks, large fissures, and stubborn blockages, along with rodent infestations and displaced joints that can allow pests to access the drainage system. Our specialists will review data from the inspection exercise using CCTV reporting programmes draw a detailed report to guide your construction activities.

Why are the Advantages of CCTV Drain Surveys?

CCTV drain inspection camera technology is the fastest and the most affordable way of inspecting your drains and sewers to provide high quality images that can showcase existing or potential drainage problems, allowing an action plan to be arranged. It is helpful to identify these problems early enough to prevent small issues from escalating into bigger ones.


Contact our experts for all your CCTV drain survey needs across Cambridge and receive accurate and trustworthy services tailored to your needs.