The Ultimate Guide to Underground Utility Surveying

Exploring our new Underground Utility Survey Service

Cambridge Measured Survey gives you the ultimate guide for our new service: Underground Utility Surveys. Learn everything you need to know and understand how this surveying service can benefit your project to great lengths.

What is an Underground Survey?

Underground surveys is the mapping of subsurface utility infrastructure prior to site excavations and project planning. Underground mapping can examine in real-time with camera images and give a comprehensive digital imagery, with the help of an on-site specialist software. Our specialist survey procedure obtains and analyses underground data to plan and execute your projects.

Depending on the depth and the type of utility being surveyed, underground mapping may be faced with limitations, such as accessibility. That is why our specialist team employs all means, techniques and tools to deliver satisfying results.

What will you receive from an Underground survey?

So, why is this useful and why would it be required for your project? The underground survey service will provide you with a complete and detailed technical report, 2D CAD drawings as well as 3D models to use with your construction projects. The production of detailed 2D Drawings and 3D Models and marking service positions on-site will help you avoid the need for intrusive and expensive excavations. Our underground survey precise reports on the subsurface utilities for easier navigation during on-site excavation and planning projects, keeping everything secure and untouched.

What do we use to identify underground utilities?

Our surveyors and technicians utilise electromagnetic scan, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and visual inspection to identify underground utilities, such as:

  • Telecoms
  • Gas Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Electrical supply (both high and low voltage)
  • Drainage (foul and surface water)
  • Significant underground structures

How is an Underground Survey Done?

Cambridge Measured Survey specialists perform underground surveys from ground level using non-intrusive techniques. A procedure using specialist mapping technology transmits an electro-magnetic or radio wave pulse into the ground, capturing data to be analysed by a software to determine the position of utilities, for instance plastic pipes, structures, voids and any other anomalies. The Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Equipment find important application in this survey service, as they are the main technologies used to obtain and analyse the necessary underground data for planning and execution of your project. Also, underground services are done along with drain surveys and CCTV surveys with robotic cameras, concrete and rebar scanning, and full digital imagery. Our specialist surveyors conduct their underground examination in real-time with camera images, providing full digital imagery using on-site specialist software. From in-depth underground surveys of your site, you will be provided with an accurate and detailed technical report, 2D CAD drawings and 3D models to assist with your construction needs.

The key uses of Underground surveying

You need an underground survey to have a clear picture of what exactly is under your construction site. Obtain your underground survey service through our experienced surveyors, employing high-standard underground equipment, and receive results in a confidential report containing details of every utility location, and valuable data on the condition of all utility services that you plan to use. It is important to survey any utilities that you plan to use to ensure the pipework is in good working condition. Our survey services using CCTV cameras will help you save cost as they are less expensive.

Why Choose Cambridge Measured Survey for your Underground Utility Surveys?

Cambridge Measured Survey has the expertise and experience, utilising the latest laser scanning technology (necessary to overcome any limitations that may be met) for all your underground surveying needs. Receive exceptionally accurate and detailed underground survey results from our professional surveyors and technicians. Our underground utility mapping yields a comprehensive plan of the underground environment as required, and in formats, such as 2D drawings and 3D models.

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