Topographical Survey Service

Topographical Survey Service in Cambridge

Do you need a professional and experienced team specialising in topographical surveys? Our professionals at Cambridge Measured Survey are here to provide you with a complete and accurate survey service for larger site projects which require detail showing all-natural and manmade features with levels.

Why Topographical Surveys?

High-quality Equipment

We prepare topographical surveys using high-quality equipment such as Total Station, GPS or 3D laser scanners to fit your required project specification.

Complete Results

Complete your topographical survey with Cambridge Measured Survey to receive high precise as-built 2D Drawings with the required level of detail.

Minimum Flaws

We translate all-natural and manmade features with levels to provide you with the most accurate representation of your area of interest.

Worthy Purchase

Save time and money with a topographical survey to obtain complete data and information on larger areas of land.

Land & Topographical Survey services in Cambridge

Our experienced team will offer you the chance to obtain a detailed and precise representation of the specified area through point cloud, as-built 2D topographical drawings and 3D Models. We cater to all professionals looking for a comprehensive plan as soon as possible!

Our process for reliable Topographical surveys

Cambridge Measured Survey provides you with quality results regardless of the size of your site, or the amount of information. We use the latest 3D Laser scanning equipment such as Total Station, GPS and 3D laser scanners to ensure that the job is complete to the highest standards!


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We pride ourselves to be one of the most experienced surveyors in Cambridge, delivering exceptional results every time in topographical surveying. Contact us today to book your survey!