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We provide a complete measured building survey regardless of scale, size and complexity. Our professional team will deliver the required results in a professional and exceptional matter.

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Our measured survey company is trusted and well-known for delivering superior measured surveys across Cambridge. If you are an architect, designer, property manager, project manager, or technical consultant looking for a reliable measured survey company to get your project going, Cambridge Measured Survey is here to help and assist! All you need to do is contact us, and we will do the rest.

What is a Measured Survey?

A measured survey is a comprehensive process used to capture detailed information about a building or site’s physical properties. It involves the precise measurement of spaces and elements to create accurate digital representations in various formats, such as point clouds, drawings and models. These measured surveys are essential for renovation, restoration, or expansion projects, ensuring all plans are based on current and exact data.

A surveyor operates a 3D laser scanner, ensuring every detail is captured for a full measured survey

When is a Measurement Survey Required?

Measurement surveys are crucial when precise, detailed architectural information is needed—typically during the purchase, renovation, or expansion of a property. They are also indispensable in lease plans, record-keeping, and compliance with building regulations.

  • Property Purchases
    When buying a property, a measurement survey ensures you have accurate data about the building’s dimensions and structural features, helping to avoid potential issues and disputes.
  • Renovations
    Before altering or upgrading a property, measured survey companies provide the necessary details to plan changes accurately and ensure the integrity of the structure.
  • Property Expansions
    Expanding a building requires precise data to seamlessly integrate new structures with existing ones, which we provide.
  • Historical Record-Keeping
    Measured surveys help document the original details of historic buildings for preservation and future restoration efforts.
  • Lease Plans
    Creating detailed lease plans requires measured survey companies to define and document the leased space accurately, critical for legal and commercial documentation.
  • Compliance with Building Regulations
    Measurement surveys are used to ensure that new constructions or modifications are compliant with local building codes and regulations.
  • Facility Management
    Managers of large facilities use measurement surveys to organise, plan, and manage space and infrastructure efficiently, supporting operational requirements and maintenance.
  • Construction Documentation
    During construction, maintaining accurate records of the progress and changes requires ongoing measured surveys to align with the project’s specifications.

Expert using latest 3D scanning for accurate measured surveys

We Deliver Excellence and Precision

  • Point Cloud: Our advanced 3D laser scanning technology captures high-density spatial data (point cloud) that forms the foundation for all further detailed and accurate project representations.
  • 2D Drawings: We produce comprehensive measured floor plans, as well as external and internal elevations and cross-sections. These are essential for clear, detailed views of a building’s layout and structure.
  • 3D Models in Different Formats: Our expert technicians utilise cutting-edge software to transform point cloud data into detailed 3D models suitable for BIM processes and virtual visualisations.
  • Photographic Records: We document sites thoroughly to provide a visual complement to technical drawings, aiding in the understanding and preservation of project details.
  • 360 Views: We utilise different software to deliver real-like 360 views.
  • Reports for Different Purposes: Tailored reports that support planning applications, renovation decisions, or historical records, providing insights and data crucial for decision-making.

Formats Delivered

Our point cloud data can be exported into multiple formats including FLS, E57, LAS, PTS, PTX, RCP, and RCS, enabling seamless integration and utilisation across various platforms. Our measured surveys produce detailed measured floor plans in .DWG or .PDF formats and our 3D BIM models are expertly created using Revit software, ensuring compatibility and precision.

2D Topographical plans

External Elevation

Process of a Measurement Survey

The measured survey process involves initial site survey visits, and data collection using 3D laser scanners and other survey equipment, followed by data processing to create accurate models and drawings. Our meticulous approach ensures all aspects of the site are captured and represented accurately.


How Much Does a Measured Survey Cost?

The measured survey cost can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We offer competitive pricing and provide detailed quotes tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Measured survey example

We pride ourselves on our extensive portfolio of completed projects that vary in both size and scale. Each project serves as a measured survey example of our capability to adapt and deliver precise results tailored to the unique needs of our clients. From compact residential renovations to expansive commercial developments and intricate industrial facilities, our experienced team has successfully tackled challenges across a spectrum of environments. This diversity not only demonstrates our versatility but also our commitment to providing detailed and accurate drawings and models, regardless of the project’s complexity or scope.

A surveyor operates a 3D laser scanner, ensuring every detail is captured for a full measured survey


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