Measured Building Survey Services

Measured Building Survey

We provide a complete measured building survey regardless of scale, size and complexity. Our professional team will deliver the required results in a professional and exceptional matter.

Why Measured Surveys?

They are efficient

The most efficient service you will find in Cambridge to complete your building project smoothly.

They are reliable

Guarantee a successful result with our measured surveys and produce as-built plans and BIM models.

They are affordable

There is not a better price than this! We quickly deliver quality services while quoting an affordable cost.

They are quick

Quality can still be received quickly and promptly with our experienced and well knowledgeable surveyors.

Complete a Measured Building Survey in Cambridge

Our 3D Laser scanning company is trusted and well-known to deliver superior measured surveys across Cambridge. Our measured building surveys are the perfect product to complete your as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D BIM Models.

Choose 3D Laser Scanning for your building project

If you are an architect, designer, property manager, project manager or technical consultant looking for an easy and reliable service to get your project going and off the road, Cambridge Measured Survey is here to help and assist! All that is needed is to contact us, and we will do the rest.


Complete your Measured Survey

Rely on Cambridge’s most trustworthy professionals to complete you measured building survey scan to produce exceptional point cloud, scan to CAD and 3D BIM Models.