Drone Survey Services

Drone Survey & Roof Inspection

We understand some areas that require scanning are harder to access; that is why we deliver high-quality drone surveying services as well as measured building surveys to make it possible! Our drone survey services make it possible to scan roofs, limited areas and fragile sites, with the same quality as a precise measured survey.

Why Drone Surveys?

Amazing Equipment

Our drone survey equipment creates high-quality 3D aerial mapping, photography, filming and roof inspections for every purpose.

Undeniable Results

We take a series of aerial pictures with drone equipment, along with photogrammetry software to create a full, reliable 3D UAV survey.

Essential Detail

You will never miss any essential details through our aerial mapping drone. Receive the highest-quality data which is affordable and trusted.

Quick Solutions

Inspect difficult areas of land and development areas overhead using UAV drone equipment. This cost-effective survey will generate hyper-accurate results quickly.

Drone Surveying for Roof inspections and more!

Cambridge Measured Survey is keen to provide you all the necessary services required when working on your building or construction project for future purposes. Our drone surveying service is highly reliable as we use UAV equipment and photogrammetry software to create a full survey through 3D Point cloud, Orthomosaic or another 3D model file.

Trusted service in 3D Laser Scanning

A pilot with CAA certifications undertakes all of our aerial operations. We ensure all the necessary steps before scanning and supply a safe, secure and reliable service to all of our clients. Capture accurate and actionable data on your roof and building above throughout drone surveying.


Overhead Drone Surveying in Cambridge

Receive professional 3D Aerial mapping and aerial roof inspection simply by contacting the professionals at Cambridge Measured Survey today. We are affordable, well-trusted and eager to help!