The Strength in Reality Capture, Virtual Tools and 3D Point Cloud

The Strength in Reality Capture, Virtual Tools and 3D Point Cloud

Are you familiar with reality capture, virtual tools, and 3D point cloud? These terms are increasingly being used by construction project teams as part of their workstreams.

What is reality capture?

Reality capture defined in 3 key steps

  1. Capture. This can be possible by scanning a site and capture the set of data or points for further processing with the use of hardware like laser scanners or camera-mounted unmanned aerial vehicle.
  2. Compute. Reality capture will be able to register, stitch into a coordinate system, clean up, and analyse scan data.
  3. Create. You can design with confidence now that you are able to have a model of up-to-date data of actual size conditions.

In other words, it is the process of producing a digital 3D model representation of an object, building, or site through scanning using static, mobile, and aerial laser scanning and photogrammetry.

So, you can measure and map millions of surface points to develop a high-resolution, textured, and geometrically precise 3D model.

How is it used in 3D Laser scanning?

Photogrammetry software solution reality capture uses photographs instead of light to gather data in contrast to 3D scanning. But using photogrammetry for 3D models is advantageous because it has an excellent ability to reproduce a full-colour and texture object.

Even if 3D scanners are also able to achieve this, photogrammetry can be used instead because photographs are able to provide more easily representing realism.

At the same time, it can be more easily accessible as photogrammetry software solutions are not as pricey as 3D laser scanning.

Why is it necessary and highly accurate?

The use of reality capture offers photo-to-point cloud creation or laser scanning technology to enable you to gather millions of points as you capture photos using an UAV, laser scanning device, or handheld device.

You can now be able to have the ability to take exact measurements. Thus, you will be able to capture large or small projects and sites with an amazing level of detail. Scanning technology uses information from hundreds of scanned points or photos within seconds of capture time, so rework is eliminated.

During the first site visit, technology can take over to create a superior 3D model with millions of scanned data points and laser accuracy.

You can simply use a UAV with light detection and ranging or LiDAR scanner over a defined flight pattern. So, you need not go back to the site to double check and remeasure the initial survey measurements.

Why will it benefit for you and your industry?

There are advantages of reality capture and 3D modelling for you and your industry. Imagine the opportunity to gather experts in a space without the factor of time and travel costs.

  • Provides a more accurate bid process, detailed scope of work, and realistic project planning
  • Due to clearer efficiencies, it gives opportunity for an earlier move-in date for clients and a streamlined construction process
  • It will be easier for project managers to track progress, manage budgets, validate schedule, and find efficiencies with trade partners
  • Ability to make informed decisions and recommendations for clients, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Able to make fewer missteps and mistakes
  • Ability to involve professionals you might not engage otherwise because you can tap into the expertise of a designer from thousands of miles away
  • Offers clear and smooth communication between clients and project teams for better decision making and swift feedback on solutions should they arise at mid-construction
  • Clients will be able to compare the actual construction against the original plan when the project completes

Reality capture is not only changing the way things are done in massive, complex, and crucial public projects, but also opens up alternatives for delivering and sharing project data. Allow increased interactivity with existing conditions, as well as the capture and verification of site progress during construction.

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    Author: Sonia