COVID-19 Impacts: Remotely Working From Home for Digital-Based Companies

COVID-19 Impacts: Remotely Working From Home for Digital-Based Companies

Challenges we have all faced during the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we live and work – potentially for good. Remote working has seen a massive spike in the past 12 to 18 months, with many companies choosing to pivot permanently. Thankfully, we live and work in an age where technology is making remotely working from home easier than ever before.

Even for 3D content studios such as ours, advances in software and hardware allow us to stay connected and on-task without an HQ. But what about those companies that need to stay on-site for long periods?

The New Normal

‘The new normal’ is a phrase that’s really entered the public dictionary in recent months! It refers to life during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. While the virus will eventually be contained to some degree, we’re now more aware than ever on how our working patterns are susceptible to health concerns.

For many companies, that has meant entering a lockdown phase where all communication takes place off-site. While not always possible for some businesses (entertainment venues, some restaurants, pubs and other hospitality firms), the pivot for many design teams, office workers and even teachers has been surprisingly smooth.

For example, the team at Cambridge Measured Survey took to accessible communication and planning through popular collaboration tools and suites. With a careful restructuring, we were able to reduce our on-site needs to as quick as two hour, due to the efficiency and accuracy of 3D laser scanning technology. With the latest in 3D laser scanning, cloud connectivity and remote collaboration, we’ve been able to continue providing in-depth surveys on demand, and deliver as-built 2D drawing and 3D BIM models services digitally, with no need of site attendance.

Will Remote Working Continue to Rise?

There seems to be a split when it comes to remotely working from home. For many businesses, lockdown has proven to save time and money. That’s because there are no long travel periods for staff to get to and from the office. What’s more, travel subsidies are no longer needed.

Beyond this, accessible communication and planning tools are largely available as requested. Even when working with complex as built 2D drawings and 3D BIM models, our team has been able to keep in touch and produce your deliverable in any requested format. That means we can effectively transfer more savings onto our customers, and continue delivering high-quality 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM Revit models!

Time saved in travelling to and from the office means that some firms are in prime positions to take on more projects. It also means that, through digital working, they can apply more time and scope to existing projects. That, of course, is only ever going to be beneficial for consumers!

Is Remote Working Necessarily Better Than Being In-House?

There may still be occasions where in-house or on-site working are required. For example, at Cambridge Measured Survey, we still need to physically access client sites for 3D laser scanning.

However, much of the digital working we undertake (i.e. the finer points of a measured building survey) is flexible enough to travel off-site. This is largely thanks to technological advances made available to 3D content studios. We’re able to transfer measurement data via laser scanners into the cloud, before accessing, editing and scaling off-site.

This is hugely beneficial to our clients and customers, too. As a responsible 3D laser scanning company, we want to ensure that our contacts have access to all they need for future planning they can rely on.

The best technology for working remotely can help to break down timing and cost problems that may sometimes choke productivity. While not all businesses or managers may adjust to such tech immediately, it’s clear that trends are going to continue far beyond the coronavirus being suppressed.

Need Help With a Measured Building Survey?

In the post-COVID world, you won’t necessarily need to have a team on-site at all times to help prepare your building project. At Cambridge Measured Survey, we are always more than happy to help ensure you get accurate measurements and support remotely – in line with the safety measures we’ve all learned over the past year.

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