Measured surveying historical property to deliver as-built CAD drawings

Location: Melton Hall, Suffolk
Site Survey + 2D Drawings

Deliverables in 2D CAD Drawings

  • Floor Plans [1:50]
  • Roof Plan [1:50]
  • Elevations [1:50]
  • 2D Topographical plans [1:100]
  • Internal Elevations [1:50]

2D Topographical plans

What we delivered?

Cambridge Measured Survey delivered 2D drawings, including floor plans, roof plans, elevations and topographical plans to Melton Hall. The client required a measured and topographical survey of the villa for redevelopment. Producing as-built 2D drawings is a crucial first step in the redevelopment process, as they accurately represent the existing building. 2D CAD plans will document and measure any building’s structure, condition and historical details according to the required level of detail requested.

The building structure is a Grade II listed property, so they required historic interest. Our surveyor carefully conducted a fully measured survey to protect the building’s unique structure and historical significance from damage or disruption. Cambridge Measured Survey is a reliable and flexible company to ensure quality work and deliverables are delivered.


Using the latest 3D laser scanners for a measured building survey

The latest 3D laser scanners for a measured building survey can provide highly accurate and detailed information about a building’s physical dimensions and features. 3D laser scanning technology uses a high-resolution laser to measure millions of data points in seconds, creating a 3D point cloud of the building’s surfaces and objects. Here are some benefits of using 3D laser scanners for a measured building survey:

  • Accuracy: 3D laser scanners can accurately capture measurements, often within millimetres, resulting in highly precise and reliable data.
  • Efficiency: 3D laser scanners can capture data much faster than traditional surveying methods, reducing the time and resources needed for a survey.
  • Detail: The high-resolution data captured by 3D laser scanners can provide detailed information about a building’s features, including walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and floors, as well as any irregularities or defects.
  • Safety: 3D laser scanners can capture data from a distance, so surveyors can avoid hazardous areas, such as high roofs or steep inclines, without compromising the data quality.
  • Visualisation: 3D laser scanners can create a digital building model, generating visualisations, animations, and flythroughs, allowing stakeholders to understand the building’s features and layout better.

Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Purposes of Measured Building Surveys

A measured building survey is a comprehensive and accurate survey of a building’s physical features and dimensions that involves creating precise and detailed drawings and measurements of a building or structure. A measured building survey can provide detailed information about a building’s features, such as walls, doors, windows, and ceilings. This can inform the design and renovation process to understand the building’s layout and dimensions before starting a renovation or redesign project. It allows property owners to understand the available space in a building and plan how it can be used most effectively. A measured building survey can also gather information about a building’s energy usage, assess the feasibility of installing new systems or equipment and ensure compliance with local building regulations and codes. This can prolong the life of a building and ensure that it remains in good condition.

Overall, a measured building survey can be valuable for many purposes, from design and renovation to building maintenance, property sales and leasing, and legal and insurance purposes. By providing accurate and detailed information about a building’s physical features and dimensions, a measured building survey can help to inform decision-making and ensure that buildings are well-maintained and used effectively.

2D Topographical plans

About us and our services

Cambridge Measured Survey provides a range of surveying services, including measured building surveys, topographical surveys, and 3D laser scanning, and has completed surveys for a wide range of clients, including architects, property developers, and building owners. Cambridge Measured Surveys use of quality 3D laser scanning and measured survey services can help to ensure that accurate and detailed information is available for all types of buildings and landscapes, from small residential properties to large historic structures.

Cambridge Measured Survey’s 3D laser scanning services are also highly regarded, and we use the latest laser scanning technology to capture accurate and detailed data about buildings and other structures. We are a surveying company that provides high-quality surveying services to clients in the UK and beyond. If you are interested in booking a measured survey soon, contact our measured surveyors!

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