Measured building, topographical survey & as-built drawings for GP practice

Location: Mill Road Surgery, Cambridge

Deliverables in DWG + PDF 1:50

  • Floor Plans
  • External elevations
  • Structural elements of building and the building adjacent to it

External elevation

The scope of works

Our surveying team completed a measured building survey and topographical survey of Mill Road GP practice for the production of as-built 2D drawings, including floor plans, elevations and the detail of structural elements of the specified building and the building adjacent to it. Our measured surveyors reviewed the ‘Survey checklist’ outlining all requirements and survey map of the required areas to be surveyed, ensuring all level of detail needed is met up to standards.

Due to the nature of the business, our measured and topographical surveying team provided a flexible service conducting the scanning visit during the weekend, ensuring there were no disruptions to the patients involved and location. Cambridge Measured Survey provides reliable and adaptable surveying services to all buildings no matter the scale, schedule and access conditions.

Topographical Surveying in Cambridge

A topographical survey was necessary to measure the complete site and identify the features surrounding the building. Our topographical survey services will accurately depict a plot or site, area or land, defining the property’s boundaries and boundary lines within the specified area. Topographical surveys can distinguish all features within the scope of interest, such as:

  • Structures and buildings
  • Vegetation positions, i.e. trees, hedges
  • Water levels and channels
  • Area boundary lines
  • Ground heights, surfaces and contours


All topographic survey data can be produced in the form of as built 2D drawings, which are scaled and detailed to display all-natural and manmade features, levels and boundaries.

Detailed as built 2D drawings from measured building survey company

Cambridge Measured Survey produces accurate and detailed as built 2D drawings using high-quality laser surveying technology. As a measured building survey company, and providing topographical surveys, we can deliver floor plans, external elevations, sections, roof plans, ceiling plans and site no matter the scale and complexity. According to the client’s requirements, we will deliver high-standard deliverables with the specified level of detail.

2D External Elevation

2D Floor plan

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